Charles R. Francis Inc.

Charles R. Francis Inc.

For over 30 Years Charles R. Francis has been successful by designing energy efficient homes. Being an Award Winning Builder for Efficiency through the Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce building Awards has proven that being environmentally friendly can be aesthetically pleasing..

Here at Charles R. Francis Incorporated we specialize in the utilization of the latest green building technologies by incorporating Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning, the use of Solar panels and Solar Heat Exchangers, newest “natural look” Fluorescent Lighting, the use of renewable resources and Energy Star Rated appliances. Having a Polysteel Distributorship for nearly 20 years has afforded our clients the best Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundations. Polysteel was the first ICF to receive recognition from all three major U.S. code evaluation (ICBO, BOCA, SBCC) and Canada (CCMC), and is the only ICF to receive and approval report from the National Evaluation Service (NLR-575).The use of this patented foundation increases your “R” value or Thermal Resistance. Thermal resistance is measured by using an intricate formula that is then given and “R” Value number That will slow or eliminate heat loss. By creating the proper envelope around a building you r space will be less drafty and certainly more energy efficient.

Our thorough consultation process will afford you open dialogue with the owner, Charles R. Francis, so no questions are left unanswered. Using your team’s practical, hands on expertise and modern technology, such as, computer aided design, your ideas will come to life in a three dimensional view. You can almost feel the space before one aspect of construction takes place. This is important to you because this means that your project will be built in less time and exactly how you envision your new space.

Our Services

  • New Construction
    Commercial / Industrial / Residential
  • Remodeling
    Commercial / Industrial / Residential
  • Insulated Concrete Form Construction
  • Arxx Distributor
  • Green Builder – Energy Efficient
ARXX Edge (previously ECO-Block)

ARXX EdgeThese knock-down blocks provide maximum project flexibility. Snap-in connectors on site, allow you to build walls with 4 to 24 concrete cores. ARXX Edge takes up less space and reduces shipping and storage costs. It’s particularly well-suited for commercial projects, especially with tall or very thick walls, or for remote locations.

ARXX Prime (previously ARXX Forms)

ARXX PrimeThese pre-assembled blocks build walls with 6, 8 or 10 concrete cores. The unique exposed web allows simple attachment of interior or exterior finishes. Suitable for a wide range and scope of projects for residential, institutional, commercial or industrial construction.

ARXX Steel (previously PolySteel) (Not available in Canada)

ARXX SteelThese pre-assembled blocks come in two choices the flat wall, available in 24 height with 6 and 8 concrete cores, and the waffle grid, with 6, 8 or 10 concrete cores. Made with durable galvanized steel connectors, these products are suitable for residential, institutional, commercial or industrial construction.