Green Building and Remodeling

What is Green Building?

Simply defined – Green Building is a partnership between You, Charles R. Francis Inc. and the Environment to use products that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

By utilizing the natural elements of your property and the advantages it offers is just the beginning of the process to helping you become more environmentally responsible.

At Charles R. Francis we’ve incorporated many products as options for you to choose.

Green Building Remodeling

This home was built with the environment in mind. On heavily wooded lot with a natural slope towards the street. We cleared a minimum of trees for the house, well, septic system and driveway. The total disturbed area was less than 5000 sq. ft. so a storm water management plan was not necessary. We used ICF construction from the foundation to the ceiling line with foam sealed mechanical openings and 14” of cellulose insulation in the attic for the most energy efficient envelope. This enabled us to use a 3 ton geothermal heating and air conditioning system versus a 5 ton unit for a home of similar size. The geothermal system also has a desuperheater to assist with the electric domestic hot water heater. The natural oak floors, maple cabinets, and pine doors are renewable resources and the granite countertops and tile floors helped to keep this home ecologically friendly. The minimal amount of lawn and natural landscaping allow this home to blend into the environment.