Having helped many Families and Businesses alike over the years at Charles R. Francis it never gets old hearing from our satisfied clients. We’ve learned some things over the years but nevertheless we’ve always had satisfied customers. Here are few excerpts from letters that we received after we delivered the front door keys to the new owner.

Bath Remodeling Stroudsburg PA

Bath Remodeling At Its Best

Bathroom remodeling is an important part of the home improvement project.  Althoughproper planning can ensure a greatly remolded bathroom but this project cannot be accomplished if it is not assisted by an experienced bathroom remodeler.  If you are looking for some contractor to assist you in bathremodeling Stroudsburg PA then Charles R. Francis INC. is the right company for you.

Paying attention to the bathroom

Bathroom is another room in the house that needs proper attention as it has a great value. A Functional and stylish bathroom is the desire of every homeowner. Charles R. Francis INC can not only provide ideas for small and bathroom remodeling but it also provides contractors who can give shape to your ideas. They understand the need of the clients first and then go on pursuing the project.  There are times when the ideas that homeowners want cannot be accommodated with the structure of the house. The contractors of Charles R. Francis INC know how to communicate such faults to the clients and suggest those better ideas.

How can a good contractor help?

The contractor will first listen to you and then will present the ideas and products that will be best for giving a complete form to your ideas. Even if you need to break everything down and give a complete new look to your bathroom, the contractors of Charles R. Francis INC are here at your service. Energy efficient ideas for bath remodeling Stroudsburg PA are also given to those clients who have a limited budget but they want to give their bathroom the best new look. Full collaboration of the client is necessary to make the bath remodeling Stroudsburg PA project successful.

Charles R. Francis Inc.

clark after siding and windows


February 22, 2012

Amazing quality and an amazing price. Hiring Charles R. Francis Inc. to build our home was the best decision we have ever made. Working with Charlie and his crew was a great experience, they were all very friendly and clean, they didn’t make a mess and it was 100 percent move in ready when they promised it to be. Beforehand, we had shopped around the Stroudsburg area looking for home builders and Charles R. Francis Inc. was the best price out of everyone we looked at. Simply amazing quality and an amazing price.

Whitney M.

July 02, 2012

I have used Charles Francis for a bunch of projects. His team does great work! I’m satisfied with everything they’ve done and always think of them when I need any work done. He always comes in and gets the job done.

Mia M.

July 11, 2012

We’ve used Charles Francis for a bunch of additions on our house. The quality of work is exceptional and they are very dependable. We kept changing our minds and they always adjusted to it. We are anticipating them building a dock for us sometime soon!